Friday, July 24, 2015

Some Recent Pretties!

Hello everyone!!

I am sharing with you some swap goodies that I made for my sweet friend Becky Long! We decided to do a pocket letter and a masquerade mask for our swap. Also a few extra goodies! (You know how it goes) Anyways I am glad we did this swap because it was a lot of fun!!

Here is some pics of the pocket letter:

I used Romance Novel Chapter 2 by Marion Smith for the paper and made some embellishments to go inside. I tried to stick with the pocket letter theme but I did leave some things out like the about me but I did include the letter.

Here is some pics of the mask that I altered for her:

I really love how the mask turned out!! I got the inspiration from a pin on Pinterest and of course added my own special touches to it :)

Now for the extras, first I made her a Pocket Page Layout because I really want to try and start doing this for my own pictures.

Not bad for my first one..huh! I love how it has a couple of hidden pockets to put stuff inside and I love how the hearts turned out!!

And here is the last thing that I made her for a surprise :)

It is a Julie Nutting Doll Tag Bag :) It is the cutest thing I have ever seen! I made this following the tutorial from Bona on Live With Prima....if you click on video below the link to her tutorial will be in the description box. 

I hope that I have inspired you to try some of these projects out! They are a lot of fun to make :) 

Last but not least here are both my videos that are over on my YouTube channel:

If you want to see what she created for me here is my video unwrapping everything:

I hope you ya'll have a wonderful day!!
Thanks for stopping by :)