Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Very Own Craft Room

I am sooo very excited!! I get my very own craft room!! My husband finally convinced me to put my 8 year old son in with my other two boys after I showed him YouTube videos of other peoples craft room. He really didn't like his room anyways, he only had a dresser and bed in there because his toys was already in the other room. (He does not like to be by himself.) Besides, I was getting sick of having to drag all my stuff out of my closet everytime I wanted to do something and then put it all back when I was done, even if my projects was not done. 
It was making me not want to do it anymore...real drag!! So I hope I can create a lot more projects in my craft room and I won't have to worry about my kids getting into my stuff if I leave it out. Will post pictures soon!!! YAY!!!!!

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